When did the Abbotsford Centre open?

The Abbotsford Centre opened its doors to the public on May 9, 2009

Did you know?

Each show designs and runs their own set, lighting, and sound. In most cases, this equipment travels with the tour and is set up the morning of the show.

Some shows travel with as little as 1 semi-truck of equipment to load in the morning of the show. Other shows like Cirque Du Soleil can travel with 27 semi-trucks and take two days to set up.

Our friendly ushers are a great resource for seating issues, noise/volume concerns, other patron concerns and any displeasure you may experience while attending an event.

Wheelchair escorts are available at the Abbotsford Centre. This service can be arranged when you arrive at the event. Simply speak with a Guest Services staff member inside the Envision Financial Guest Services Office and we will have someone pick you up and bring you back to the gate at the end of the event.

All set times, intermission lengths, camera policies and additional security measures are dictated by artist management.


Where do I go if I need assistance?

Any member of our event staff (ushers/ticket takers) can provide assistance. You can also visit the Envision Financial Guest Services Office located at section 100 inside the main entrance for any and all questions or concerns

Can I leave the venue and come back once the doors have opened?

The Abbotsford Centre has a strict no re-entry policy. If you must leave the building, please visit the Envision Financial Guest Services Office beside section 100.

Does Abbotsford Centre provide a Coat Check?

Yes, the Abbotsford Centre does provide a coat check service.  The coat check can be found right next to the Envision Financial Guest Services Office near section 100. The cost of checking your coats, bags or belongings is between $2-$5.  You can also purchase ear plugs at this location.  The coat check is cash only.

What time do doors open to the public for each event?

Typically, doors open 1 hour prior to each event. Please be sure to check your pre-event information via your email or Abbotsford Centre social media to confirm door times.

Can I bring my camera to an event at the Abbotsford Centre?

Camera policies are subject to change for each event and are dictated by the artist/artist management. Please see our policies page for our standard camera policy. (link to policy page).

Are there ATM's inside the building?

Yes, ATM’s can be found on the concourse near section 103, 106, 111, 116.  An ATM can also be found on the event level in the hallway near the beer portable.

Where is the Lost and Found Located?

On event night, any lost and found items are collected at the Envision Financial Guest Services Office beside section 100. To inquire about a lost and found item following the event, please call 604-743-5000. 

Who can I speak to about an outstanding staff member?

We love to hear great things about our staff. If you have a great experience with us, please share it with us the night of the event at the Envision Financial Guest Services Office at section 100 inside the main entrance or in the following days by info@abbotsfordcentre.ca