How You Doin’

Abbotsford Centre, the Fraser Valley’s premier entertainment and sports, follows a guest service philosophy; “How You Doin’?

The approach begins with a simple question, “How You Doin’?”, but it’s more than that:

  • It’s going above and beyond, treating customers the way they want to be treated.
  • It’s all about giving customers the ultimate sports and entertainment experience.
  • It’s also a way of measuring how the Abbotsford Entertainment & Sports Centre is performing.

Every customer is a “Most Valuable Player!” We will do whatever it takes to make guests have the best possible experience each and every time they come to the Abbotsford Centre.

Abbotsford Centre’s customer service philosophy encourages all of its employees to:

  • Ask each and every customer “How You Doin’?” 
  • Engage in conversation with customers.
  • Assist customers in their needs.
  • Make customers’ experience more enjoyable.

  How You Doin’? Top Ten Principles:

  1. Guest First
  2. Golden Rule
  3. Listen
  4. Think “YES”
  5. Be Professional
  6. Positive Attitude
  7. “24-Hour” Rule
  8. Everybody Sells
  9. Enthusiasm
  10. Do It Now

Check List:

  • Was the Guest Greeted?
  • Was the Guest Appreciated?
  • Will the Guest Return?

Employee Rewards

Employees who excel in customer service will receive rewards and recognition for their special efforts. Rewards will include gift certificates, team members highlighted on marquee/videoboard, and other great opportunities.